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Research Fields

Basic cosmetics

We develop various types of basic products for each skin type using a segmented approach tailored to skin concerns. In addition to basic cosmetics, we are researching and developing various concepts of basic cosmetics, such as natural cosmetics using natural ingredients, and customized cosmetics to meet customer needs.

Main development products
#Skin/Toner #Essence #Ampoule #Lotion #Mist #Cream #Soothing Gel #Foam Cleanser #Cleansing Oil #Cleansing Water #Peeling Gel #Perfume
Body/Hair products

The skin is the first place to react to external reactions. So, while excluding sensitive ingredients, we are researching and developing mild products that can improve dead skin cells, cracks, and dryness.

In the hair part, we research various types of hair and scalp so that products suitable for various types of scalp and hair can be found.

Main development products
#Hand Cream #Body Lotion #Body Cream #Body Oil #Shampoo
#Rinse #Treatment #Hair Pack, etc.
Functional cosmetics

We research and develop products with enhanced skin care functions, such as anti-wrinkle products to slow skin aging, UV protection products, and whitening products for bright skin tone.

Main development products
#UV protection products (sun cream, sun stick, sun cushion) #wrinkle improvement #whitening, etc.
Mask Pack

We use fabrics that provide a high level of usability, so that there is no sense of alienation. We develop contents in the best condition to provide rich nutrition to the skin.

Main development products
#Mask pack, mask sheet